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  1. Here’s the approximate breakdown of my screentime for the past week. Admittedly this particular week was probably a bit skewed, as I had a somewhat lengthy music project that increased my ‘productive’ screentime, which in turn lowered my ‘nonproductive’ screen time, which was still too damn high anyway.

  2. Internet Work net TV Print Phone Game Overlaps
    20120912 2 hrs 1 hrs 1 hr 3 hrs 30 mins 0 hrs
    20120913 3 hrs 0 hrs 3 hrs 1 hr 1 hr 2 hrs Television + Game
    20120914 5 hrs 3 hrs 0 hrs 5 hrs 30 mins 0 hrs
    20120915 2 hrs 1 hrs 3 hrs 4 hrs 20 mins 2 hrs Television + Print media
    20120916 8 hrs 0 hrs 10 hrs 4 hrs 30 mins 3 hrs Television + everything
    20120917 1 hrs 3 hrs 3 hrs 5 hrs 15 mins 0 hrs
    20120918 3 hrs 2 hrs 1 hrs 4 hrs 40 mins 3 hrs Print media + phone

    I hope the format comes out okay off the spreadsheet

  3. Here is my info log. The numbers next to each part of the pie chart represent the average amount of hours spent doing the activity. For each activity, I rounded the amount of time spent doing each activity to the nearest hour, added the amount of hours for each day and divided by the amount of days (7).

  4. Many of the categories overlap with each other because most activities were not performed independently. What I noticed most prominently during this exercise was my own tendency to multitask, a habit I was sure I didn’t posses. When I was actually “consuming information” I had the tendency to consume as much of it as possible, from multiple sources and devices. On the contrary, when I was not connected to either my phone or the internet I seemed especially interested in remaining “disconnected” for as long as I was capable.

  5. Also used the chart-maker at Math Warehouse… Hope that’s okay. I averaged my hours of media use according to TV, computer, phone, and print. I lumped together my productive and non-productive computer times, mostly for the sake of my sanity.

  6. Here’s my info log in pie chart form. It came out alot messier than I imagined it would be. I tried to break down the info consumption of the whole week rather than provide an average, as I felt an average would give an illusion of day-to-day regularity when such didn’t exist.

  7. I color blocked an excel sheet. This last week really made me appreciate the amount of time I spend with technology (not in a good way). I could essentially break down every daily activity into its relation to my media use (e.g. using the subway is equal to Mobile Music), except for when I’m with friends (or the couple hours I spent at the zoo — but I went basically so that I wouldn’t be near computers. And still I ended up instagramming and emailing the whole time, but whatever. Color blocked zoo.)

    The first two days, I tried to find a way to account for my multitasking, but color blocking multiple activities was too much work. Just know that when it says “TV” it also means “Angry Birds” and when it says “Internet Play” it also means “Mobile Music” and when it says “Internet Work” it also means “Internet School Internet Play Internet Learning.”

    The only two activities (literally, the only two) that I paid exclusive attention to/didn’t involve some combination of tasks were watching Skyrim (I spent 18 hours this week *watching my bf play Skyrim* – who does that?) and sleeping.

    Anyway —
    And this is my pie chart for the percentage of time I spent on each activity during the week –

  8. This is percentage of total consumption time throughout the week, which seemed most accurate in representing the way I distributed my time throughout the week. Unfortunately Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s info are recorded from memory, since the actual recording isn’t available to me anymore. I did try to remember as exactly as possible, without trying to skew results. I think it’s more or less accurate!

  9. I wound up recording six days instead of seven, but I didn’t want to estimate for the seventh day because I wanted as accurate a depiction as possible. I was a little surprised that most of my computer time wound up being used for schoolwork. Also, I’m not sure if it was because I knew I was recording how I spent my time, but when I was on the internet for school, I remained much more focused on the task at hand than usual. All in all, there might have been one day where I multitasked in general, so that was a nice surprise. I didn’t include time spent using my cellphone because I don’t have a smartphone, so it didn’t seem relevant to the study at hand.

  10. Here’s my info log in Average Hours per Day spent on Media. I included Productive & Entertainment Computer time, Television, iPhone, and Print Media. Seeing as I never read .pdfs on my computer, and print out virtually everything for my classes, most of my time is dominated by Print Media. I also had a pleasant realization that I do not spend nearly as much time on my cell phone as I had anticipated. Although Instagram is my guilty pleasure, I do not text often, so my iPhone time was incredibly short. I definitely think that this study is useful, but I’m concerned that my subjectivity negatively affected both the amount of time spent on media and what I did with that time.

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